the lost episode:

The Chickens and the Stalk Market Crash

As many of us know - Chickens are the masters of crops,

They love to plant corn as it's sweet and it pops.

They tend to their garden and pull up all the weeds,

And when the time is just right they sow the corn seeds.

Now that it's done, they can go off and all play,

or do whatever they wish with the rest of the day.

Time passes by - the other birds start to worry,

Have we planted our seeds? Oh no, we must hurry!

The Ravens all panic, the ostrich buries its head,

The Eagle looks embarrassed, as his face turns red.

Earlier that year he bought seeds from a stranger.

He got the lot cheap without seeing the danger.

The seeds that he planted - were meant to be magic

They were meant to grow huge, and not look so tragic.

The Eagle didn't bother to ask any questions,

He didn't ask other birds for their helpful suggestions.

The other birds seem angry, but really they're sad,

How could the stranger have been so bad?

The Eagle admits that he is to blame.

He says “I alone will live with this shame”.

The Chickens appear and say not to worry,

There's still time to grow crops - if we dig-in and all hurry.

They prepare the land and when the hard work is done,

The new crops start growing as they relax in the sun.