the ADVENTURES continue

Every day is another day full of possibilities for Chi, Ken and Hic and their many friends. Big adventures to the moon and meeting new alien friends don't happen all the time, but other things do. Like for instance the time Larry Larkson encouraged Hic to test out his monumentally dangerous skateboard ramp, or the time Penny Pigeon took a day off from delivering the mail and gave the job to Ken to try, only to fail miserably when The Leader posted lots of mysterious crates. There was also a time when Derek the Penguin tried to grow corn but failed when a flood wiped out his crops. He might not have succeeded in growing crops but he found out he's not too bad at fishing, if only he could remember why! Chi's friendship with Ophelia had it's ups and downs when together they began to hurt other bird's feelings, and The Leader continued to create havoc when he played a trick on Rene and sent his greedy minion Cedric to stay with the chicken's.