At the bottom of the ramp, Shrike had just finished removing the bolt. He could hear the rolling thunder of the approaching skateboard and the incredibly loud scream following it. It surprised him so much that he dropped the heavy bolt onto The Leader's head.

"Shrike you incompetent fool." The lapse in concentration forced The Leader to lose his balance and they both collapsed into a heap on the floor. This, along with the force of the skateboard hurtling towards them forced the ramp to begin splitting apart.

"Quickly Shrike, let's get out of here."

They both jumped to their feet and ran off to a safe vantage point.

Hic hurtled down the ramp at a colossal speed. He quickly realised that something was wrong with the track as it suddenly began to split apart. Larry too, felt something was wrong - he could feel it in the pit of his stomach.

"Oh no, what's happening. Fly, Hic, fly!" Larry shouted, "oh wait, he can't fly."

He leapt from the top of the ramp and folded his wings into his body, enabling him to drop like a stone. It was too late though.

Hic saw the ground appear beneath him as the track disappeared. He hit with a loud thump. Larry turned his head away, "Ouch, that must've hurt."

Moments later Hic let out a groan as Larry landed next to him.

"Mummy can I have a pony for Christmas?" said Hic, and he began to sing a Christmas song.

Larry looked around and saw that nobody had seen Hic fall. He looked at the ramp that had fallen apart and began to worry. "I'm going to get into so much trouble for this, what to do, what to do! I know." He took off at speed and flew away leaving Hic merrily singing to himself.

"I did it Shrike," said The Leader, "I finally got one of those pesky chickens."

Shrike lifted a wing to get a high five, but The Leader left him hanging, "If I can get one, I get them all. Look at me Shrike, I'm positively brimming with confidence." The Leader picked up Larry's now broken skateboard, "this was the key Shrike, the fool couldn't resist showing off. Their arrogance will be their undoing, you mark my words!"

The Leader looked down at Shrike sternly and said, "Mark them down Shrike, go on."

Shrike tutted and pulled out his notepad and a pen and began to write.

"Come on," said The Leader, "let's go get a couple more of these skateboards."