Larry landed in a secluded area of the park. He looked around hoping that he hadn't been seen. He turned and was suddenly surprised by Emma's large round eyes staring back at him.

"Hi Emma, what are you doing here?"

Emma stayed silent as usual and tilted her head slightly still looking at Larry.

"You come here often?" said Larry.

Emma blinked and continued to stare back.

"Did you see what just happened over at my ramp?"

Emma tilted her head the other way.

"You saw it wasn't my fault, right?"

Emma blinked again.

"I mean, it was an accident"

Another blink, Larry sighs.

"I know, I should've stayed with Hic and got him some help."

Emma straightens her head still looking at Larry, "It's always better to try and help after an accident than to run away, whether you've caused it or not Larry.

"I know, I know, I feel awful," said Larry, "I'm going straight back to help Hic."

Larry whooshed into the air and caused a bunch of leaves to scatter into Emma's face. Emma coughed and swiped the leaves away.

Back at the ramp, a small crowd had gathered. At the front were Chi and Ken who looked concerned. Larry landed with a flurry and immediately started to apologise, "I'm so sorry Hic, are you alright?"

Hic was still singing to himself merrily.

"What happened?" asked Chi.

"We'd finished checking the ramp and were all set to test it," said Larry. "Hic volunteered to go first, but the ramp fell apart as soon as he set off."

Ken held up a familiar bolt and said, "could this have caused the collapse?"

"That's from a load-bearing bolt," said Larry, "but I checked them all, this ramp was secure."

"Well, we're all here now," said Chi, "we can all help put your ramp back together.