Larry and Hic arrived at the ramp and could see a crowd had already gathered.

"Ah, my audience awaits," said Larry.

Hic joined the crowd to watch Larry entertain, which Larry did with effortless enthusiasm. He ran through his skateboarding repertoire to the amazement of the growing crowd. They cheered, they gasped and some fainted at Larry's sheer daredevilment. Larry came to a stop and received a rapturous applause. He stepped on the back of his skateboard and caught it expertly under his wing.

"Now, ladies and gentlemen," shouted Larry, "behold the eighth wonder of the world, 'the ramp of certain death.'"

Hic rejoined Larry with a worried look on his face.

"Now that I'm up close to it, are you sure this thing is safe?"

"Of course it is," said Larry, "I built it myself."

Larry turned to address the crowd. "First there's the 'plunge of death', followed by the 'loopdeloop of death', on to the 'twirl round the world of death', and finally the 'great firey canyon-."

"Of death?" asked Hic.

"Does it make it sound cooler?" asked Larry.

"Yes?" answered Hic.

"Then the 'great firey canyon of death," shouted Larry.

The crowd went wild with anticipation.

"Only 'five clucks' per person." continued Larry, "no video recording equipment allowed."

"Me and my most trusted engineer are finishing the ramp tonight so come back tomorrow and bring your spending money."

The crowd cheered and hollered and dispersed as Larry and Hic inspected the ramp. As the crowd thinned The Leader and Shrike became more visible which forced them to run off and hide behind the ramp. As they spied Larry and Hic from afar, Shrike noticed a sign and then a big steel bolt. The sign read 'DO NOT REMOVE' and in smaller writing underneath 'Will result in ramp collapse.'

"How on Earth are we going to sabotage this ramp Shrike?" said The Leader.

Shrike pointed his wing up at the sign as The Leader looked away thoughtfully.

"Come on brain, it's me again and I don't want any fuss, how do we sabotage this ramp then?"

Shrike repeatedly pointed to the sign and began to jump up and down to get The Leader's attention.

"Shrike, please, I'm trying to think. Come on brain you've got three seconds before I hold my breath again."

Shrike stopped and sighed.

"Okay brain, here I go," said The Leader as he inhaled deeply. No sooner had he held his breath when he blurted out a big blast of air. "I've got it," he said, looking at the sign which read 'DO NOT REMOVE'. "Brain, you've done it again, Shrike, make yourself useful and hop onto my shoulders to remove that bolt."