"I am a feminine looking chicken, I take care of my appearance and like to look nice. I am intelligent and can be distinguished from the other chickens by my red feathers on my wings that look like painted finger nails. I am strong willed and will fight (metaphorically) to get my point across."


"I am a bit of an oddball. I still wear my birth shell as a cap but I don’t apologise for being a bit scruffy as that’s the way I was laid. I might not be as intelligent as my besties Chi or Ken, but I'm brave as I don’t know or understand fear or danger."


"I could be considered a little smarter than the others as I always have my nose in a book. I'm inquisitive about the world around me and this makes me a little more wary than Hic. I'm by no means a coward, but I know when to turn away from danger."


"I am a pretty looking Lark and very happy. I'm smaller than other birds, but I make up for it with my enthusiasm and I'm always happy to help. I do tend to put myself first and I'm quick to escape trouble without thinking of others."


"I'm a pigeon with a purpose in life. My job is to deliver the mail; to take away my purpose would send me into despair. Sometimes the other birds send each other mail just to keep me busy."


"I'm not really sure what I can tell you about myself as I haven’t got a good memory. I don’t even remember my last name - or my first for that matter. Hic gave me my name after becoming my friend. Everyday is a new adventure for me because as soon as I've learned something... I've forgotten it!"


"I am an Eagle. I'm stronger and faster at fleeing danger than the other birds. Although I'm bigger and tougher, I'm not one to stick around when a disaster strikes."


"I am a Raven and I'm a bit of a trickster, you have to keep an eye on me. I'm cunning and likeable, but mischievous - which occasionally gets me in to trouble."


"I'm a cheeky Emu, who loves hide and seek nearly as much as I like to pull faces. I don’t say much as I'm quite shy, but when I do speak it’s profound."


"I am a formidable opponent for any bird to come up against. I am The Leader’s top agent and a complete professional. I'm stealthy, physically strong and mentally agile. If I was as self serving as The Leader I would be unstoppable in taking over the bird empires."


"I am a scavenger by nature, and I’ll stop at nothing to fill my belly. I'm a bit of a bully and will chase smaller birds away from food, but I'll fly a mile if a bird my own size stands up to me. The Leader uses me for infiltration and to haplessly divulge secrets."


"I am The Leader’s long suffering side kick. I command the Shrike Army who follow me into every senseless battle implemented by my glorious leader. My friends often tell me that I'm blinded by my total loyalty and devotion to The Leader."


"I am a beautiful Peacock, wouldn't you say? My plans to take over the bird empires are often thwarted by the Chickens, which deflates my feelings of self importance and damages my ego… ...until my next diabolical scheme."