The sounds of rolling thunder filled the air as Larry zoomed by on his skateboard. Bird after bird turned their heads in awe of his skills. He ollied over a bench then stopped dead to show off more tricks before tearing away emotionless. He was headed towards the park when Hic appeared from nowhere, which forced Larry to make an emergency stop. He stopped within an inch of Hic, who was oblivious to the whole incident.

"Hey Larry, what's up?"

"What's up?" Shouted Larry, "nothing much," he continued coolly, "I've nearly finished building an awesome ramp to test my superior skateboarding skills."

"Can I help?"

"Sure, get on."

They both cruised on down a street which led to the park. As they got closer Hic saw the ramp.

"Whoa, is that it?"


Meanwhile, in the park, The Leader and Shrike were taking a 'think walk'.

"Come on brain, tell me how I can get back at those chickens," said The Leader.

Shrike noticed Hic skate past with Larry. He looked to where they were headed and tugged at The Leaders cloak.

"Yes Shrike, what is it, can't you see I'm thinking?"

Shrike pointed to Hic, then to the ramp.

"No Shrike, you can't go and play with Hic on that super-unsafe unofficially-built ramp."

Shrike turned away in a huff.

"Now, where was I, ah yes, come on brain one last chance before I start holding my breath. I know you need oxygen to survive so have-at-it."

The Leader inhaled a deep breath then suddenly let it all out in a flabbergasted heave.

"Wait a minute, I'm getting an idea. Looks like my threat worked, come on brain."

Shrike looked at his watch and waited.

"A super-unsafe... unofficially-built ramp... that Hic is heading towards. Brilliant! Thanks brain, let's not fight like this again, I hate our fights. Come Shrike, I have a plan."

Shrike sighed and followed dutifully.