In the distance, The Leader and Shrike appeared holding two new skateboards. "Look Shrike, there they are. Two more of those despicable chickens, we haven't got much time."

The crowd all help to put the ramp right again and return the bolt from where it had been displaced. At the top of the ramp, The Leader and Shrike set down the two skateboards.

"There we have it Shrike, a perfect trap for Chi and Ken."

Back at the bottom of the ramp, Hic finally stopped singing and began to make some sense again. "Where's Larry, is he okay?"

"I'm here Hic," said Larry, "I'm sorry I ran out on you, I should've helped you!"

"Don't be silly Larry, I saw you flying after me to save me, you tried your best!"

"Thanks Hic old pal," said Larry, as he picked up his broken skateboard.

Hic saw the skateboard and suddenly had a flashback to his fall.

"No, no, Bukaaaaaaaaaark!"

At the top of the ramp, The Leader jumped in fright at the blood-curdling sound from below.

"Come Shrike, we'd better get down, I want front row seats to this show. Shrike, why are you moving away from me?"

The Leader didn't realise that he was rolling away from Shrike.

Shrike reached out his wings to grab The Leader, but it was too late. The Leader turned to face the direction he was travelling in - to 'the plunge of death'.

The Leader screamed a peacock's scream all down 'the plunge of death', through 'the loopdeloop of death', along 'the twirl around the world of death' and finally seemed to calm down when he'd reached 'the great firey canyon of death'.

"I'm going to make it," said The Leader. He looked over at a large crowd that had gathered to watch. "It's finally happened, I'm going to be popular, I'll rule these peasants like a..."

A peacock's scream filled the air again as The Leader plummeted into the firey gap between the ramp.

The crowd gasped in horror. Shrike fell to his knees in despair, he held his wings up to the sky, then stood calmly and flew down to the edge of the fire. A charred and crispy figure appeared and crawled out towards Shrike.

"Shrike," said The Leader, "please help me."

Shrike helped The Leader to his feet as the crowd arrived to help. Chi, Ken and Hic along with Larry worked their way to the front.

"That was either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid mister," said Chi.

"You should leave it to us professionals," said Larry.

"I will Mr. Tooth Fairy," said The Leader, "Come Shrike, take me shopping for a new pair of cabbages, I'm going schnappering tonight!"

Shrike walked away supporting The Leader, Larry turned and addressed the crowd. "Ladies and gentlemen, I regret to inform you that 'the ramp of certain death' will be dismantled immediately, nothing this dangerous can be allowed to stay open in our town." The crowd moaned while it dispersed, leaving Larry, Hic, Chi and Ken alone.

"So you want to go skateboard shopping tomorrow Larry?" asked Hic.

"Nah, I'm going to be practising my other hobby, lion taming!"