At the start of the ramp stood Hic and Larry. "Time to test this thing Hic," said Larry. "Where are my manners, do you want to try it out first?" He set his skateboard down in front of Hic, who stepped on nervously.

Hic looked down the first part of the ramp, gulped and said, "The plunge of death?"

"Don't let the name scare you old pal, just keep to the centre of the track and let gravity do all the work," said Larry.

"Seems simple enough," said Hic, "and what about the loopdeloop of death, same thing?"

"Same thing," said Larry, "keep central and your speed will get you round both loops, easy peasy."

"I'm a little bit worried about the 'twirl round the world' bit of the ramp," said Hic.

"Oh, why?" said Larry.

"It seems to defy the laws of physics."

"It's made to look that way, but honestly it's the same as the first two bits, just let gravity do the work."

Hic looked to the 'firey canyon of death' and gulped again. The gap in the tracks looked bad enough, but the flaming fire raging within the gap filled Hic with dread.

"I can see that the finale is causing you some concern," said Larry, "but again don't worry gravity is your friend."

"Gravity is my friend," said Hic, courageously. "Okay, I can do this, piece of cake. A big piece of plungey, loopy, twirly, firey cake."

"That's the spirit," said Larry. "No point over-thinking it, just go for it."

"Yeah," said Hic. "I'll give it a count of three, then go." Unknowingly he had already begun to roll off.

Hic let out a big chicken scream, "Bukaaaaaaaaaark!"